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Bath & Spa Accessories


China Glaze Nail Polish



Diane Pins & Clips


Ear Candles



Curling Irons and
Hair Dryers


Clairol Textures & Tones

Naturelle Products


Hair Loss Products


Satin Pillow Cases


Body Drench


Yu-Be Moisturizing

Skin Cream


Color Accelerator


Spornette Brushes




Brush Rollers


Aarco Clipper Vacuum Systems
Accessories - Miscellaneous Salon Products
Ace Combs
Acrylic Nail Implements
African American Beauty Products
After Shave
Air Brush Irons
Air-O-Space Brushes
American Pocket Combs
Andis Clippers / Andis Blades

  Andre Salon Capes and Apparel
Animal Clippers & Blades
Anti-Terge Skin Cream
Appliances:  Curling Irons / Dryers / Holders / Trimmers
Appointment Books
Ardell Products Henna / DuraLash / Misc.
Aristocrat Combs
Arius Eickert Metal Combs / Tweezers
A Size Above - Plus Size Salon Capes
Assisted Living
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Back to School Deals
Barber Poles / Pole Part

Barber Equipment

Barber Supplies
Bath & Shower Gel
Bath & Spa Accessories
Beauty School Equipment by Collins
Belson Products:
 Dryers / Irons / Nail Dryer

Belvedere Products:  Parts / Hoses / Etc.
Betty Dain Products


Body Drench Lotions
Bottles & Pumps
Breast Cancer Awareness

Brushes & Combs
Brush Irons
Brush Rollers
Brush Delite for Cleaning Brushes
Brut Mustache Gear & Block


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Carts - Rollabouts and Trays
Caruso Hairsetters
Ceramic Brushes
Ceramic Flat Irons
Certified Combs
Chair Back Covers
Champion Combs
Chéci Nail Kits
China Glaze Nail Lacquer
Christmas Favors & Stocking Stuffers 
Citruscent Room Deodorizer

Clairol: Miss Clairol / Sea Breeze / Bleach
Clean & Easy Waxing Products

Cleopatra Combs
Clipper Cleaner
  Clipper-Mate Combs / Pro Glide Combs
Clubman Products
Colonel Ichabod Conk Shaving Products
Colora Henna & Color Accessories
Comare Brushes and Combs
Combs & Brushes
Conditioner:  Mendex  /  Synaplex
Continental Brushes
Core Products:  Head & Neck / Back / Ribs & Abdomen / Elbow & Arm / Knee & Leg / Ankle & Foot
Create Products:  Flat Irons / Curling Irons / Salon
Cricket Brushes
Curling Irons - Hot Tools/Pro Star/etc
Curling Iron Holders - Also holds Dryers and Flat Irons
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Depilatory: GiGi Honee / Inverness / Hair Removal
Dermagen MEDIceuticals
Design Freedom Perms

Develop 10 Nail Treatment & Nourishment

  Diane Products: Brushes / Combs / Rollers / Pins & Clips / Misc. / Hair Accessories / Salon Apparel / Manicure/Pedicure / Shapers/Shears / Color Accessories
Discontinued Items / Hair Products
DL Professional Sanitizing Jars
DuraLash Eye Lashes
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Ear Candles
Earrings by Studex
Emu Oil Cream in a Jar
Excelsior Millenia Products

EOS Hair Dryers
Equipment: Barber Chairs/Poles/Cabinets
Eye Care Implements

Eye Brow Shaping and Tinting

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Facial Implements
Facial Steamer
Fake Bake Tanning Products
Fancifull Rinse / Fancifull Mousse
Fantasia Hair Products
Fermodyl Interactives Treatments/Shampoo
Fix Products
Flat Irons
Flattopper Cutting Comb

Florence Billon Wooden Brushes
Flowery Nail Files & Accessories
Filters:  Dryer Filters & Service Parts
Fix Products: Shampoos, Conditioners, Gels
Focus 21 Professional Hair Products
Foot Spa Pedicure File
Fromm: Apparel / Color / Grooming / Shears
Frosting Caps and Foil

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Gallery Series by Helen of Troy
Gena Pedicure Products
Gigi Honee Waxing
Gloves: Vinyl & Latex
  Gly-Miracle Lotions
Glysolid Skin Moisturizer
Godefroy Permanent Hair Color
Gold Magic Combs
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Hair Clippers: Andis / Oster / Wahl
Hair Color: Clairol Voila
Hair Doctor Combs
Hair Dryers
Hair Loss Products
Hair Nets
Hair Remover & Electrolysis Systems & Supplies
Hair Raisers
Hair Rollers: Brush Rollers / Hair Clips
Hair Spray
Hair Setters
  Hair Tonic
Hand Lotion by Triple Lanolin
Head Blade
Head Lice Products
Heat Caps
Heat Lamps

Heating Pads
Helen of Troy: Brush Irons / Gallery Series
High Frequency Generators
Hold It! Gel and Spray
Home Care Aids
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Industrial Supply: Mirrors/Towels/Clippers
Injector Razor Blades
  Inverness Hair Remover
Isinis Brushes
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Jackets / Shirts / Wraps
Jac-O-Net Hair Nets
Jaguar Shears & Accessories
Jatai Mousse Brush

  Jeffco Products
Jhirmack Products
Jilbere Brushes
Joewell:  Shears / Thinners / Accessories
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Kayline Carts & Tables
Koken/Belmont Products
  Krest Combs
Krew Comb Hair Products
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Lady Renee Pillows

Lipstick Mood / L-Paige & Jade Green Blue Black

Lotions:  Triple Lanolin / The Natural / Vaseline / Yu-Be
Lye Relaxer
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Make-Up Brushes
Magnetic Rollers
Manicure Appliances: Lotion heater,etc
Manicure Implements
Manicure Tables
Marble Products
Marianna Brushes / Marianna Clips
Marilyn Brushes
Master Barber Combs
Mastex Electric Heat Mittens


Mats for Salon Chairs
Mebco Combs
Millennia Mud Product Line
Mirrors - Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Miscellaneous Items:  Shampoo Capes  /  Hair & Bobby Pins  /  Rain & Sleep Capes  /  Turbans  /  Petal Hats  /  Comb-Out Capes  /  Satin Pillow Cases  /  etc.   
Mustache Wax / Mustache Comb
Musk Oil Perfume

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Nail Clippers and Nippers

Nail Dryers
Nail Files / Diamon Deb / Sapphire/ etc.
Nail Genie
Nail Treatment / Nail Polish Remover
Nano O2 Ionizer


Natural Effects Bubble Bath
Naturelle Products

Neck Dusters

Nets - Mirage   Jac-O-Nets   Triangle
Nutri-Ox Hair Growth

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One Minute Manicure
Orthopedic Pillows
  Oster Clippers / Oster Blades
Oster Combs
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Palm Beach Beauty Products
Paul Brown Hawaii  Shampoo / Conditioner /
Hair Spray

Pedicure Foot Baths
Pedicure Implements

Perm-A-Rope / Perm Blocker
Perm Rods / Cotton / End Wraps
Personal Care: Mustache/Sideburns
  Phase One: Brush
Phillips Brushes
Pillows: Orthopedic / Lady Renee
Poly Pin Brush
Processing Caps

Profiles: Spa Appliances & Accessories
Pro Star Products: Curling Irons/Shears
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Quick Tan
  Quantum Perms


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Rain Hats
Razors - Strops - Lather Machines - etc.
Revivanail Nail Products
  Revlon: Synaplex Shampoo / Conditioner /
Complex 2-Phase / Tween-Time

Revlon True Cystem Perms Roux Professional Products
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Salon Chairs
Salon Equipment - Chairs/Stations/Dryer Parts/Shampoo Bowls
Sanek Strips
Sanitaire Systeme Products
Scalpmaster Brushes
Shampoo Bowl Fixtures and Parts
Shaving Brushes/Mugs/Gift Sets
Shears  Joewell - Fromm - Jatai - Zyrca - Free-Thum
Shimmer Lights Shampoo
Ship Shape

Skin Care DermaNew


Soap Bars
Spa & Bath Accessories
Spa Solutions: Skin Renewal System
Speed-O-Guide Universal Clipper Combs
Spornette Brushes
Stage & Theater Products
Stephan's Talc/After Shave Cologne
Studex Earrings
Style Books
Sundres Hand Mirrors
Super Styler Assorted Combs

Surgi-Care Products
Swedish Crown: Arius Eickert Combs

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Tanning Accessories
Tanning Product Lines
Tattoo Collection
TCA Color Accelerator
Terry Cloth
Therabath Paraffin Units
Therapro Mediceuticals

  TNT Tweezers
Triple Lanolin Hand &  Body Lotion

Tropical Shine Nail Files & Buffers
Turbie Twist    As Seen on TV
Tween-Time Hair Crayon

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Udder Wize Moisturizing Balm
Ultra Heat Irons
  UV Amplifying Lotion
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Vaseline Lotions
Vector Electrolysis System
Velcro Rollers

  Voila Hair Color
Volumax Hair Styling Aids
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Wahl Clippers / Wahl Blades
Waldor Gifts/Products Pages
Wax and Sugar Warmers
Wax'n Waxing Hair Remover
Wax Refills

Wella Hair Care Products
Well Comb Hair Dressing

WHAT! Moisturizer Cream & SUNBURN Relief
Wildroot Hair Groom
Windmere Corporation Belson / Comare / Profiles

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Youthair Creme   Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream
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Zotos Products
  Zyrca Brushes

Ace Combs

Shampoo Bowl

Fixtures and Parts

Studex Earrings

Fromm Salon Apparel

Clean & Easy
Wax Removers

Fromm Tweezers

Professional Shears

Chéci Nail Filing Kit


Hair Setters

Fermodyl Interactives


Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Ear / Nose Hair Trimmer

Nail Genie

Create Flat Irons


Other Items of Interest:

Medic-Moist with Emu Oil

Make-up Brushes

Make-up Brushes


Salon Dryer Parts

Fix Products

Fix Products


Flowery Long Emery Board 7" (Package of 40)



Nose Hair Trimmers


Military Brush


Chair Back Covers

Body Drench



Iron Holders


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Shipping Policy

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