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Hollow candles are used to clean the ears and are believed to help with various ear disorders. When using candles, the small end of the cone is put in the ear and the other end is lit. As the cone burns, the smoke travels into the ear canal warming the ear wax and creating a gentle vacuum. This can dislodge the wax or foreign debris and pull it into the candle. Many report this as being a rather pleasant sensation. Ears should not get water in them or be exposed to very loud noises for 24 hours after treatment.

length: 10" to 11"

Made of Muslin Cloth and 100% Pure Paraffin Wax


Ear Candles

by Cylinder Works


Note: Do not use candles alone.

Have someone help you.

Never burn the last 3 to 4 inches of the candle. Have a container of water ready to extinguish. Do not attempt to blow the flame out.



Does candling really work?


Responses from several thousands of users indicates candling is very effective. There are frequent reports of relief from ear wax build-up, hearing problems, ringing in the ears, sinus problems, headaches and even infections.



Does candling always work?


If ear wax is very impacted and has been an untreated problem for a long time, candles may not be effective. Also, if the candle is not properly used it may not give desired results. Use common sense and candling is a great experience! Instructions are included with purchase.



User of this product accepts full responsibility.


Ear Candles 4-Pack  $ 13.99  
Ear Candles 12-Pack  $ 34.99  
Ear Candles 50-Pack  $ 119.98  


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