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Wahl  Ear / Nose Trimmer
Wahl Personal Trimmers

Andis Personal Trimmer

Oster Personal Trimmer

Groom Mate Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Brut Mustache Gear & Block

Moustache Wax

Nose Hair Trimmers - Manual Use
Moustache Scissors

Heat Pads/Manicure Heating Mitts

Revlon Tweezer & Brow Brush

Tween-Time Hair Crayon
Military Brush

Home Aids / Shampoo Trays / Dry Shampoo / etc.


  • Safely trims nose, ears, and or out of the shower.

  • Rinses clean.

  • Watertight and battery powered. 

  • one AA battery required

  • Includes trimmer, protective cap and English/Spanish instructions.

  • 1 Year Warranty

Wahl Ear/Nose Trimmer  $ 19.99   


Half Pint

Personal Trimmer

  • Handy, compact trimmer for mustaches and sideburns – Great for Travel!.

  • Pro-quality, precision-ground steel blades deliver the fastest, most comfortable trimming possible.

  • Contoured shape and two (2) patented trimming attachments (medium and long cut) make blending, tapering and defining easy.

  • Includes trimmer, two trimming guides, cleaning brush, blade guard, oil and illustrated instructions (one AA battery included)

  • 1 Year Warranty

Wahl half pint Trimmer   $ 16.99   



Personal Trimmer

Great for Beard or Mustache!

Package contains:

  • Trimmer

  • 3 - AA batteries

  • beard / mustache comb

  • 5 - position trimming guide

  • blade guard

  • oil

  • operating instructions

Personal Trimmer Set  $ 19.99   




Personal Grooming Trimmer

* Rust-proof surgical stainless-steel blades rinse clean
* Recessed cutting blades trim hair close-safer than shears
* Protective cap keeps blades safe for travel and storage
* Trims nose and ear hair quickly and easily
* Shapes eyebrows in just seconds
* Operates on one "AA" battery (included)


Andis Personal Grooming Trimmer  $ 8.99   




Personal Grooming Trimmer

  • Nasal Hair Trimmer

  • Ear Hair Trimmer

  • Eyebrow Shaping

  • Slim Design

  • Battery Operated

  • Includes one "AA" Battery


Oster Personal Grooming Trimmer  $ 7.97   


Timor 4" Safety Shear
Rounded Tips
no finger rest

#82 Timor Safety Shear
* Great for Nose, Ear and Beard shear
* Rounded tips
* German-made from Solingen, Germany Steel with adjustable set screw for long-lasting performance
* Stainless Steel with shinny finish
* 4" Long with NO Finger Rest

* SHEAR Safety Shear * Rounded Tips 4" no finger rest $ 17.99



  Groom Mate


Groom Mate
Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Insert Trimmer 1/8" into Nostril or Ear and with other hand Simply Rotate the bottom handle back and forth for safe, gentle nose and ear hair trimming.

* Nose Hair Trimmer
* Does Not Pull Nose Hair
* Micro-scissor process for very gentle nose hair trimming
* Compact design perfect for travel Only 3" in length.
* Works Without Batteries
* Made in the USA
* Engineered to Last a Lifetime
* Comes in two colors:

Groom Mate Trimmer * Blue      * No Longer Available




Deluxe Slant Tip Tweezer & Dual Brow Brush

* Tweezers are precisely balanced spring action with sure grip slant-tip
3-1/2" Long
* Dual Purpose Brow Brush has Natural Bristle Slant Brow/Shadow Brush on one end and a Brow/Mascara Brush on the other end,
6-1/2" Long
* Comes in clear make bag

Revlon Deluxe Slant Tip Tweezer & Dual Brow Brush  $9.99   



Colonel Ichabod Conk Mini Moustache Comb

* Black Plastic Comb with Handle
* Ideal for combing Beard and Moustache
* 46 Teeth
* Comb width 2-1/4" Wide
* Overall Length 4-3/4" Overall Height 7/8"

More Shaving Accessories

Colonel Ichabod Conk Mini Moustache Comb     * No Longer Available




Mustache Gear & Block

This block is an authentic miniature replica of the poplar cutlery block found in most homes. It is made of lacquered hardwoods, laminated in contrasting shades of color for beauty and durability, designed to conveniently hold the five essential mustache and beard grooming implements:

(1) Barber Shears
(2) Tweezers
(3) Custom Comb
(4) Nylon Brush (Comb and Brush designed and sized for easy use)
(5) Mustache Wax (neutral - no color)

Brut Mustache Gear & Block     


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