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    Salon Dryer Parts: Motor Assembly for Koken Venus



Dryer Part * Motor Assembly * Koken Venus
Model # HM-1000 and HM-1500

by Koken/Belmont




Will This Fit My Dryer ???

This Motor will Only Fit Large Salon Dryers with Model # HM-1000 and HM-1500 !!! Where can I find the model number of my dryer ? Look on the Back of the Dryer, the manufactures production tag is usually on the bottom right or bottom left on the back of the dryer.

If it states "Model HM-1000" or "Model HM-1500" then this motor will fit your dryer.

* Motor and Blower Wheel This Motor Fits Many Brand name dryers see listing of some brands below.

Fits Salon Dryers with Model # HM-1000 and HM-1500 / Fits: Koken/Belmont Venus and Gemini Shop Dryer Model # HM-1000 and HM-1500, Collins Comfort Aire Dryers 2000B, & 2000W / Fits: Kaemark #1570H Ion, #1990-G Kwik Set and #2000 Heat Wave Dryers / Fits many more brand name Dryers / New dryers since Augusta 2011 have this New Aluminum Blower Wheel / If your dryer was produced prior to Augusta 2011 it may have the Black Plastic Blower Wheel

** This will replace the Motor with the Black Plastic Blower wheel on the HM-1000 and HM-1500 model dryers Old motor with Black Plastic Blower Wheel shown in picture, on right, for reference.

Note: The old plastic fan blade (blower wheel) would have to be replaced in a few years because the operator would shut off the dryer and therefore not allowing the dryer to go thru it designed "Cool Down Cycle". Thus the heat in and around the motor would be absorbed in to the plastic fan blade making it weak and brittle before its life expectance. Therefore the New Aluminum engineered fan blade was developed !


Detailed View of Dryer and Parts
Trouble Shooting Guide and Replacement Assembly Instructions

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Do I need a Motor ?

Two indications that you may need a new motor are a "Buzzing" sound and/or no movement of air (motor will not or does not turn)


Dryer Part: Motor Assembly for Koken Venus $ 119.99    


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