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  Base Coat

Strong Adhesion Base Coat

Apply directly to clean, bare nails. Our special formula increases the wearability of nail lacquer and decreases chipping from underneath. It also features a new plasticizer for greater flexibility and impact resistance. Great for restoring nails after the removal of artificial applications.

.65 oz 4 oz.
Strong Adhesion Base Coat .65oz.  $ 6.00   
Strong Adhesion Base Coat 4 oz.  $ 18.50   


 Top Coat


No-Chip Top Coat

This formula offers chip control to provide maximum protection. It is a brilliant, clear and glossy treatment that produces a durable top coat that can double the life of a lacquer. It enhances scuff resistance and is strong enough to protect from harsh detergents and cleaning chemicals.

.65 oz 4 oz.
No-Chip Top Coat MSDS Sheet
No-Chip Top Coat .65oz.  $ 6.50   
No-Chip Top Coat 4 oz.  $ 19.99   


Patent Leather Top Coat

Extreme Hi-Gloss Top Coat

Gives nails an extreme hi-gloss shine as well as enhanced protection against chipping.
APPLICATION: Apply one coat to nail lacquer. For a more extreme hi-gloss finish, add a second coat. For best results, begin manicure with Strong Adhesion Base Coat.
Price $6.50 each
Patent Leather Top Coat


.5 oz.

Non-Yellowing Top Coat

Keeps colors bright and protects manicures.

Non-Yellowing Top Coat .5oz.  $ 5.00   


.5 oz.

First and Last

This formula has a Calcium and Panthenol base which prevents the drying and splitting of nails. It is enriched with vitamin A to increase moisture retention and to add natural flexibility.

First and Last .5oz.  $ 7.95   


 Quick Nail Dry

Fast Forward

A super-fast drying, protective formula top coat that extends the life of your color while adding a brilliant shine. Great for those summer pedicures, too.

Fast Forward .65oz.  $ 8.50   


Fast Freeze Quick Dry

This revolutionary Formaldehyde and Toluene-free formula blends the latest advances in nail care research to create the fastest nail lacquer dryer possible. Contains no alcohol or oils.

.65 oz.
Fast Freeze Quick Dry .65oz.  $ 8.50   



 Nail Polish Remover & Thinner


Polish Remover MSDS Sheet

Gena Polish Remover (Pink)
* 1/2 Pint (8 oz.), Pint (16 oz.) or Quart (32 oz.)

Salon Proven Formula

* Fast Acting
* No Smear
* Non-Oily
* Won't damage Acrylics or Tips

Quickly removes polish without drying nails. Special conditioners help maintain healthy cuticles without leaving an oily residue.

Directions: Moisten cotton with remover. Massage nail, then press firmly against nail surface and wipe off color from base to nail tip.


Gena Polish Remover (Pink) * 8 oz.  $ 2.49   
Gena Polish Remover (Pink) * 16 oz.  $ 4.50   
Gena Polish Remover (Pink) * 32 oz.     This size NO Longer Available



Twist * Pump * Lock
* Liquid Dispenser
* Refillable & Reusable for: Nail Polish Remover, Make-Up Remover, Astringent & Alcohol & Antiseptic Cleanser
* Clear Bottle with Writing and White Dispenser Top
* Size: Holds 4 once Liquid
* Bottle Size: 1-5/8" Diameter x 6-1/2" Tall

Fill bottle up, Twist top counter-clockwise (unlock), Cover holes with cotton ball. Push down to dispense liquid, Twist top clockwise (lock)

ONYX 4oz EMPTY DISPENSER BOTTLE * Twist/Pump/Lock $ 2.99


Gena Adios Nail Polish Thinner 4 oz.

Salon Formula that thins thickened nail polish and restores polish to original consistency for easy application.

Gena Adios Nail Polish Thinner  $ 3.00   


 Cuticle Removers

Gena Cuticle Remover

A professional creamy cuticle remover which quickly softens and moisturizes cuticles allowing easy removal with a cuticle stick or pusher.

Cuticle Remover 4 oz.  $ 3.99   


 Calcium Gel Fortifier

Calcium Gel Fortifier

For those who experience weak or splitting nails, the thicker gel provides a more substantial coating than a typical nail strengthener. This formula contains Vitamin B3 and panthenol which is Pro Vitamin B5 and is present in all living cells in the form of Panthenoic Acid. The presence of Panthenol promotes moisture retention which prevents drying and splitting of nails.

Calcium Gel Fortifier .65oz.  $ 8.50   



 Nail Growth

Nail Strengthener and Nail Growth Formula

Our special blend of vitamin B and wheat protein supplies the nail with the nutrients required to strengthen and protect. The moisturizing effect of the blend, in conjunction with our unique polymer system, promotes the growth of healthy, beautiful nails in just 8 weeks. Great for restoring nails after the removal of artificial applications.

Nail Growth Formula .65oz.  $ 8.50   


First and Last

This formula has a Calcium and Panthenol base which prevents the drying and splitting of nails. It is enriched with vitamin A to increase moisture retention and to add natural flexibility.

First and Last .65oz.  $ 7.95   


 Revlon Grow Ten

* Nail Protein Strengthener with Protium
* Help make nails strong, flexible, and more beautiful
* Use in place of a base and top coat during every manicure

Revlon Grow Ten    

* No Longer Avaiable

See NEW "Develop 10 Program" Here


 1 PLUS Therapeutics Nail Therapy

* protein therapy
* moisturize and strengthen dry, brittle, or ridged nails

1 PLUS Therapeutics Nail Therapy  $ 5.79  


 Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Therapy Oil

Rare botanical extracts in an organic oil base revitalize dry, cracked and damaged cuticles and nails. Apply daily to keep conditioned and moisturized.

Cuticle Therapy Oil .5oz.     * No Longer Available


Orange Cuticle Oil

Refreshing, nourishing oil that penetrates dry, damaged cuticles

An aromatic blend of five natural moisturizing oils that cooperate to create an enhanced, combined hydrating effect. The highest quality jojoba and rice bran for increased strength and flexibility. Anti-inflammatory barley, sandalwood, and phelleodendron extracts soothe cracked cuticles. Rosemary extracts are a natural antiseptic. Antioxidants vitamins A,C, & E promote healthy nail growth. Orange Cuticle Oil can penetrate polish without dulling or damaging your manicure.

Orange Cuticle Oil .65oz.  $ 7.99   


 Ridge Filler

Ridge Filler

Use only on nails with pronounced ridges to provide powerful protection against peeling of nail layers. The fiber rich formula weaves itself into a strong mesh coating to create a durable surface.

Ridge Filler .5oz.  $ 6.00   


 Bite No More

SuperNail Bite No More * 1/2 oz. bottle

* Stops Fingernail Biting
* 1/2 oz.

A fast effective way to end the nail biting & stimulate healthy nail growth. Bite No More is clear and can be used over nail polish.

Bite No More * 1/2 oz.  $ 5.99   



 Hand & Body

Hand and Body Lotion

Formulated for healthy hands and body with water activated moisturizers and healing elastins and liposomes.

Hand & Body Lotion 8oz.  $ 8.95   


Demert Nail Enamel Dryer * 8.5 oz. Can

* With di-Panthenol, Organic Protein and Mink Oil
* Fast Drying
* Non Smearing
* Conditions Cuticles and Nails
* Net WT 8.5 oz ( 14.6 FL. oz.)

DIRECTIONS: Hold can upright, at least four inches from nail. Spray once lightly over each nail. Reapeat as necessary.


Link to Profiles Nail Dryer

Demert Nail Enamel Dryer * 8.5 oz  $ 3.99   


ThermaWind 696 Heat & Air Nail Dryer for topcoat and nail polish

* Powered with a high velocity fan with heat coils to provide forced air for fast drying

* Hot or cool air can be selected with a rocker switch
* Can accommodate both hand or foot application
* A great finish to the perfect manicure and/or pedicure.
* Comparable to the Belson Profiles Nail Dryer shown below that has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
* 110V / 60Hz
* Size: 11.5"L x 7.5"W x 3.5"H


ThermaWind 696 Heat & Air Nail Dryer $ 36.99




Graham HandsDown Nail Care Towels
* 50 Pack

Made of a unique non-woven fabric, lint-free HANDSDOWN® Towels are soft, strong, and absorbent - ideal for gel nails! These textured towels are thick enough to protect your work surface and thick enough to be used on both sides!

* Unique non-woven fabric.
* Virtually lint-free.
* Excellent for gels, creams, lotions, and conditioners.
* 50 Per Package

Graham HandsDown Nail Care Towels * 50 Pack  $ 11.99   


Graham HandsDown Ultra
 Nail & Cosmetic Pads

Just one HANDSDOWN ® lint-free pad removes polish from all ten nails without damaging a technician's own manicure. A poly tab allows for the pad to be held securely between thumb and forefinger while preventing fingers from coming in contact with polish remover. Versatile: also cleans around hairline after color, applies cleansers and blush, and applies or removes makeup.

60 Pack 240 Pack
Graham HandsDown Ultra Nail & Cosmetic Pads * 60 Pack  $ 3.79   
Graham HandsDown Ultra Nail & Cosmetic Pads * 240 Pack  $ 15.99   

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