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* High Frequency
* Brush
* Galvanic
* Vacuum
* Sprayer
* Steamer
* Magnifying Lamp
* Woods Lamp
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Multi- Function Spa Machine #M-800P $ 1,799.99   





Facial Steamer and Magnifying Glass
Facial Steamer Features:
* Timer ( Up To 30 Minutes)
* 3.75 minutes consumed between opening power and generating steam
* Oblate tube can be rotated left and right at 90 degree
* Heater wattage: 650W
Magnifying Lamp Features:
* 5 mag with 8 mag lamp attached
The magnifying lamp has the bigger 5-diopter area with a smaller 8-diopter section superimposed on the bigger area.
8-diopter section is a 1 inch circle on top of a 4.75 inch circle magnifying area. If you look through the smaller circle, you see 8 mag, if you look anywhere else through in the bigger circle, you see 5 mag.
* Mag Light is 180 Degree Left-Right Rotation
* Mild Light will not harm the eyes
* Portable & Easy to Use
* Up & Down Height Adjustable Stand
* 5 leg roll-a-bout stand
* Requires 110V U.S. household current
* For professional use only - For sale to licensed cosmetologists or aestheticians
Facial Steamer and Magnifying Glass  $ 640.00    




Towel Warmer with UV light
* Holds 12 Facial Towels


The Hot Towel Warmer with UV
* Holds up to 12 facial towels.
* The compartment has two wire racks
* UV light to help sanitize surfaces. When the door is closed, the UV lamp turns on. When the door is opened, it will automatically shut off. * The doors, which have a magnetic latch, open to the right.

Outside dimensions L 14" x D 10 ½" x H 10"
Inside dimensions L 11" x D 7" x H 6 ½"
* Approximate Temperature ~ 60 degrees Centigrade ( ~ 140 Fahrenheit)
* Shipping Demension: 17" long x 13" wide x 13" High
* Shipping Weight: 14lb
* Holds 12 Towels
** Available to ship in 1 - 3 Days

Item can ONLY be shipped by UPS Ground



Towel Warmer with UV light *holds 12 Facial Towels   $ 375.00    


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