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    Parts: Belvedere #403 Vacuum Breaker


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Affordable Belvedere Vacuum Breaker !

Vacuum Breaker

by Belvedere

# 403

Fits Only Belvedere Bowls

This is a one way valve that saves the integrity of the fresh water system by NOT allowing contaminate water (water contaminated with perm solution, neutralizer, hair color, etc.) from mixing with the fresh water system that we drink.

Material:  Plastic Plumbing Code:  ASSE #1001

Consult your local plumber and building codes for need of this product.

Click HERE for Detailed Instructions on Set-Up of Vacuum Breaker

** Some OLD Belvedere Bowls with Butterfly Shape in bowl under Hose Receiver
Like the Very OLD Belvedere #3000 Bowl this will NOT fit without modification
No instructions on how to Modify.
Also the Very OLD Belvedere #3800 Bowl has the Very Same Problem
However we do have a Vacuum Breaker Kit with a Hose Receiver (click here to see!) that will fit without any modification.
The Only way to tell if your bowl has this shape is to Remove the Hose Receiver on your bowl and see if it is a rectangle hole or the Butterfly Shape

# 403 Belvedere Vacuum Breaker  $ 217.97  


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