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    Colonel Ichabod Conk: Merkur Classic Safety Razor #178


Merkur Classic Safety Razor

Straight #178

* An Extra Close Shave!
* Merkur High Quality Shaving
* Chrome Finish Sturdy Razor
* Straight Edge for a Luxurious Shave
* Made in Germany

The Merkur Safety Razor has a chrome finish. Its double edge design provides a very close shave. Its comfortable handle is designed for a non-slip grip. The safety razor has a straight edge especially great for an extra close shave. Blade replacement is so easy - simply turn the knob on bottom of handle turns to screw or unscrew head. Comes with one stainless steel razor blade. Made in Germany. Razor 3" in length. Merkur Replacement Blades available.

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Merkur Classic Safety Razor - Straight #178  $ 51.99  


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