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    Salon Dryer Parts: Dryer Chair Dryer Retaing Clips * Two Clips


Beauty or Barber Salon Hair Dryer Chair Dryer Retaining Clips pack of two

$ 12.00 Two(2) Clips


This is the fastener that holds the dryer in the back of the dryer chair
All Steel with a hole (for wood screw to go thru) also with two cleats on one end to "bite" into the wood of the chair to hold the clip firmly to the chair
* This is the part that screws onto the back of the dryer chair to hold the dryer in the back of the chair (Screws included)
* Measurement:  3/4" wide  x  2" long  x  1/16" thick
* Screw Hole is 3/16" dia. and is centered 5/8" from "cleat" end and 3/8" from side
* Material:  STEEL
* Two (2) only Clips (usually two clips needed per dryer chair)


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