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    Parts: Belvedere #522 Fixture


522 Fixture

by Belvedere

Deck Mount Fixture By BELVEDERE
* Chrome
* Single Handle Control
* ON: Push Back * OFF: pull Forward * Turn left and right: for hot / cold mixture
* This Newest Up Grade includes 14" Metal Flex Hot and Cold Supply Lines with the Standard US 3/8" Connectors !!! 
* This Low Profile (does not stand to tall, so the bowl lid will close) is ideal for wet booth station units.

# 522

* Fixture Opening in Bowl must be a Minimum of 1-1/8" and a Maximum of 1-3/8" to accommodate this fixture
* Fits Belvedere cast iron porcelain shampoo bowls #3100, 3800, 8400K and 8600 that
** came with this fixture
* Also fits the Belvedere acrylic/ABS Shampoo Bowls model #2100 Omega & model #2800 Beta

** The model # 522 fixture will ONLY replace the 522 fixture that came on your bowl.

It will not replace the single handle fixture with a "Tear Drop" shape plastic handle nor will it fit the Belvedere bowls with 2 handle fixture (see below for their replacement).

** Will NOT fit older Belvedere Bowls that have a single handle fixture with a "Tear Drop" shape plastic handle nor will it fit the Belvedere bowls with 2 handle fixture, for a replacement fixture for them Please See the Belvedere #622 fixture or Salon Tuff #338 fixture

***** Will NOT fit older Belvedere Bowls with 3 holes. These BOWLS are to THICK and will not accommodate the New 522 fixture. Please See the Belvedere #622 Single Handle fixture or Salon Tuff #338 Two Handle fixture as a replacement fixtures.

The Older Belvedere Bowls with 3 holes have a thickness of about 1/2" which is to thick so the threads of the Belvedere #522 fixture will not come thru to fasten to the female threaded collar on the top of the fixture.

Item: 522
MPC: 522A-14

522 Installation

CLICK HERE BEFORE YOU BUY!!! As the Collins #532 fixture is the very same fixture as the Belvedere #522 but will cost you $ 44.00 less !!!

#522 Belvedere Fixture  $ 239.97     


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