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BRAND NAMES:  Paul Brown Hawaii - Revlon Synaplex - Roux - Betty Dain - Zyrca - Zotos - Lamaur - Quantum - Piidea - Collins Salon Equipment - Fermodyl Interactives - Palm Beach - Tweezerman - Oster - Sterling by Wahl - Andis - Hot Tools - GiGi Honee - China Glaze - Emu Oil - Mr. Ray - Clairol Professional - California Tan  - Body Drench - Fromm - Joewell - Inspire Books - Therapro - Barbicide - Kayline - No Rinse - Wella - Millennia Mud - Marvy - Mar-V-Cide - Voila Color - Clubman - HairSeptic - Godefroy - Therabath Wax Spa - Inverness - One Minute Manicure - Caruso Steam Hairsetters - Waldor - True Cystem Perms - Revlon Professional Perms - Fantasia - Triple Lanolin - Nail Genie - earthglow cosmetics - Champion Combs - Ace Combs - Jhirmack - TCA - Create - Core

Beauty & Barber Supplies & Sundres:  Rods - Cotton - Foil - Processing Caps - Dryers - Curling Irons - Ceramic Irons - Shears - Barber Poles - Paraffin Wax - Nets - Combs - Towels - Brushes - Brush Cleaner - Bottles - Mats - Pumps - Perm End Wraps - Gloves - Bobby Pins - Hair Pins - Books - Lice Solution - Permanent Color - Bleach - Hair Removal - Tanning Accelerators - Hair Crayons - Timers - Shampoo Capes - Rain Caps - Sleep Caps - Turbans - Petal Hats - Comb Out Capes - Satin Pillow Cases - Combs - Brush Rollers - Christmas Favors - Chair Back & Arm Covers

Freight is just  $ 9.95 for any size order in the continental United States and $ 39.95 to Canada

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Curling Irons - Flat Irons - Brush Irons - Crimpers - Blow Dryers

Curling Irons
Brush Irons

Crimpers & Flat Irons

Barber Poles - Shaving Mugs - Shaving Brushes

Barber Poles


Trimmers and Clippers


Hair Clippers & Trimmers


One Minute


Glysolid Skin Moisturizer

Skin Moisturizer

Quantum & Zotos Perms


Christmas and Party Favors


Iron Holders







Acrylic Nail Nippers & Scissors
Anti-Terge Skin Cream

  Appliances / Curling Irons / Brush Irons / Blow Dryers
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Barber Chairs
Barbicide / Brush Delete Cleaner / Ship Shape
Barber Supplies / Neck Strips / Hair Tonic / Moustache Wax / Scalp Treatments

  Betty Dain / Zyrca / Brushes / Capes / Gowns / Jackets / Wraps / Misc.
Brushes & Combs
Brush Rollers
Beautiful Body Fortifier


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California Tan
Chair Back & Arm Covers
Christmas Favors
Clairol: Hair Color / Developer / Sea Breeze / Shimmer Lights
  Create Products
Core Products
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Earthglow Cosmetics
Emu Oil - Anti-Inflammatory Rub

Eye Lash Care Tools

Eye Brow Shaping and Tinting
Excelsior Products

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Fantasia Hair Products
Facial Items
  Fermodyl Interactives
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Gly-Miracle Lotion

Glysolid Skin Moisturizer

Godefroy Hair Color

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Hair Setters
Hair Clippers & Trimmers
Hair Removal
Hair Tonic
  Heat Caps
High Frequency Generator
Home Care Aids  /  Shampoo Trays  /  No Rinse
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Jhirmack Products    
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Lather Machines

  Lice Products
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Make-up Brushes
Manicure Appliances
Manicure Implements


Millennia Mud
Mirrors - Lighted Makeup

  Miscellaneous Items: /  Shampoo Capes  /  Hair & Bobby Pins  /  Rain & Sleep Capes  /  Turbans  /  Petal Hats  /  Comb-Out Capes  /  Satin Pillow Cases  /  etc. 
Mr Ray / Raymac / Golden Set / PP-20 / What / Emu Cream
Musk Oil Perfume
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Nail Files
Nail Genie

Naturelle Beautiful Body
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One Minute Manicure    
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Parts for Shampoo Bowls & Fixtures
Palm Beach Beauty Products
Paul Brown Hawaii Straight Perm System
Paul Brown Hawaii Shampoo / Conditioner / Hair Spray / Perms
  Pedicure Implements
Permanent Hair Color
Perm  Rods / End Papers / Cotton / Perm Rods / Timers / etc.
Processing Caps
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Razors & Shapers
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Sanek Strips

Salon Equipment / Carts / Manicure Tables
Shears & Thinners
Skin Care Equipment / Wood Lamp / etc.


Style Books

Surgi-Care Products
Synaplex Shampoo / Conditioner / Mid-Color

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TCA Color Accelerator
Therabath Paraffin Wax Units
Triple Lanolin Hand & Body Lotions
True Cystem Perms
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Velcro Rollers   Voila Creme Color
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Waldor Personalized Imprinted Products   What a Moisturizer
Wax'n Waxing
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Zotos / Lamaur / Piidea / Quantum    

TCA Color Accelerator

HeadBlade - Head Shaving - Bald

Wax'n Waxing

Therabath Paraffin Wax Units

Therabath Paraffin Wax

Voila Creme Color

Shampease Tray

Shampease Tray


Shampoo Bowl Fixtures & Parts

Bowls & Fixture Parts

Manikins & Clamps

Manikins & Clamps

Personna Blades




Clipper Vacuum System


******************************************** is the source for the finest in beauty salon equipment!
Other Items of Interest:

Fantasia Thick N Hair

Thick 'n Hair



Liquid Mousse

Fantasia Texturizer



Brazilian Heat Products


shop salon towels 100% cotton made in U.S.A.


hair dyrer on a cart




Perm Rods and Refills

Perm Rods

  Note: Salon name & address are required on all professional products. Cache will not ship professional products to a residential address unless your license number is furnished in the company name field on the order form. Thank you for helping keep the industry professional.

If you don't purchase online then Fax or Mail the No Risk Order Form.

Phone: 870-972-5300





Shipping Policy

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