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      Clarifying Shampoo
  • Gentle deep cleansing
  • Removes product buildup
Formulated by Paul Brown to gently cleanse hair of the chlorine and mineral residue. Ideal for use prior to any chemical services. Can be used weekly to remove product buildup from styling products.

Application:  Apply to wet hair, lather, leave on one to two minutes, rinse. Follow with proper Paul Brown Hawaii conditioner.


Available in 9-oz. only

The more you buy the more you save.


$ 6.79 each  /  $ 6.59 in lots of 6  /  $ 6.49 in lots of 12 or more

Clarifying Shampoo 9-oz.  





6 oz. Stay Straight

anti frizz lite - smoothing balm

Naturally controls frizz, and can also be used with blow dryer to straighten and smooth waves and curls. Contains a blend of natural Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex™(HPFC) and plant emollients which penetrate hair shaft to restore hair to a healthier, frizz-free condition.

Only available in 6-oz. Tube


The more you buy the more you save.

$ 11.99 each  /  $ 11.79 in lots of 6  /  $ 11.59 in lots of 12 or more

Stay Straight Smoothing Balm 6-oz. Tube  





for smooth, slick, shiny styles

Only available in 1.8-oz. jar.


The more you buy the more you save.


$ 8.49 each  /  $ 8.39 in lots of 6  /  $ 8.29 in lots of 12 or more

sXgel  1.8-oz. jar  





diamond heads

hair cuticle ultra shine serum

 with Kukui Nut Lipids

Physically seals the outer layer of the hair shaft. This sealed layer creates a refined surface that reflects light and delivers the ultimate manageability.

Available in 2 oz. bottle


The more you buy the more you save.



$ 6.99 each  /  $ 6.89 in lots of 6  /  $ 6.79 in lots of 12 or more

diamond heads hair ultra shine serum  2-oz.  


PAUL BROWN HAWAII Unwind Shine Sealant 4-oz.

Hair cuticle shine sealant. Physically seals the outer layer of the hair shaft. Creates a refined surface that reflects light and delivers the ultimate manageability. 4 oz. Spray Bottle

Retexturizing Shine and Seal Spray

Paul Brown Hawaii Shine Sealant, formulated to close and seal cutical layer of hair while adding shine and strength.

Unwind Shine Sealant 4 oz.  $8.99    


Tidal Waves




About Paul Brown Hawaii

Paul Brown, a world renowned platform artist, Chairman of the Board of his own hair care line, Hawaii's top hairstylist and owner of a state of the art salon and day spa with a talented team of seventy, has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. His work has been published in top fashion magazines throughout the world.

From his early beginnings as a Glemby Artistic Director (1969 - 1971), Paul has distinguished himself by his love for hair design and commitment to his chosen profession. His client list has included prominent politicians, business icons and notable actors from his home state of Hawaii and other parts of the world.

Professionally, Hawaii has provided Paul with an opportunity and challenge of working on a variety of hair types. Working with multi-ethnic hair, he found that there was not one particular product that worked on everyone. It was then that he decided to combine the best qualities of other product lines with his own unique formulas (including the custom developed essence of tropical botanicals, the Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex ™) to create the Paul Brown product line. In addition, during his travels throughout Asia, Paul came up with the original idea for his unique and revolutionary Straight Perm System.

Paul steadfastly refuses to put down his cutting shears and plays an active role in product development, testing and distributor relations. His love for the islands, its multi-cultural community, along with its strong spiritual influence and a focus on health and healing has been translated into products that enhance the beauty of hair around the world.

Today, beautiful, healthy hair is the hallmark of the Paul Brown Hawaii Salon & Day Spa and the Paul Brown Hawaii Professional hair care line.


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