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Replacement Blades

Titan 220 Volt Clipper
****** MADE FOR EUROPE ******
***** 220V/230V Volt ***
** 45 Watts **

*************** MADE to be used in EUROPE *****************
***** 220V/230V Volt *** 50-60Hz ** 45 Watts ***

* High Impact Resistant Housing
* Dual (2) Speed Universal Motor Cuts Thick, Thin or Coarse, Wet, Damp or Dry Hair
* Size 1 and size 000 Blades Included
* Blade guard, Blade oil, Clipper Grease and Cleaning Brush
* This Clipper is Made in USA but is to be used in Europe
* Double insulate, 220V/230V volts, AC
* Equipped with European Electrical Plug
* MADE to be used in EUROPE --- NOT for NORTH AMERICAN ---

** Must be shipped to: Any U.S. address including US Protectorates and APO/FPO's

****************** NOT for NORTH AMERICA *********************

UPC: 342644110364 MPC: 076076-310-051


Titan 220 Volt Clipper    $ 187.99        



Replacement Blades

Oster Deluxe Model #24-51
220 Volt Clipper

****** MADE FOR EUROPE ******
***** 220V/230V Volt ***
** 9 Watts **

Oster Deluxe model # 24-51 Clipper with Attachments combs
220/230 Volt Adjustable Blade Clipper
* Adjustable blade feature allows stylist to quickly change the length of cut
* No extra blades to buy
* Pivot motor provides enough power to cut even wet hair
* Lightweight and compact design
* Equipped with European Electrical Plug
* 220/230 Volt * 9 Watts * 50Hz
Blade guard, 1/4" & 3/8" guide combs, blade oil, cleaning brush and instructions
Uses the poplar Oster replacement blade # 76913-536


Oster Deluxe Model #24-51 220 Volt Clipper    Item is currently out of stock.  Please check back with us for availability.



Replacement Blades

Oster AC T-Finisher
220 Volt Trimmer

****** MADE FOR EUROPE ******
***** 220V/230V Volt ***

Item No. 59-84
* Perfect for trim work around ears, beards, mustaches, sideburns, and neckline
* Whisper-Quiet pivot motor is more powerful than other trimmers
* Designed to fit comfortably in the contours of your hand and requires no mechanical adjustments

* Ideal for trim work around ears, beards, mustaches, sideburns, and necklines
* Equipped with T-Blade * Includes: Blade Cleaning Brush and Two Blade Guide Combs Size 1/2" and 3/4"
* Made in USA
* Equipped with European Electrical Plug
* 220V/ 230V volts, AC --- NOT FOR NORTH AMERICA ---

UPC: 034264002159 MPC: 078059-840-000


Oster AC T-finisher 220 Volt Trimmer  $ 87.99    


Wahl Professional 220 Volt Super Taper Clipper #8467-010

**** 220 Volt ****

***Not for North America***


* Includes: Clipper with 220V Electric Plug, 6" Hair Cutting Shear, Barber Comb, 4 Clipper Guide Comb Attachments (Size: 1, 2, 3 & 4), Red blade guard, Tube Blade Oil and Blade Cleaning Brush * Clipper Guide Comb Attachments Sizes: 1 = 1/8", 2 = 1/4", 3 = 3/8" and 4 = 1/2" * 230V ~ 50Hz * 10W * 3-Prong Electrical Plug is mainly used in Africa, Great Britain, Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore

* Made in U.S.A.

****** 220 Volt *** Not for North America

UPC: 043917846705

MPC: 08467-010


Wahl Professional 220 Volt Super Taper Clipper   $ 99.99   


 Wahl Sterling Stinger

Detachable Blade CLIPPER
with size 0A and size 1 Blades
* Ergonomic & lightweight design
* Easy maintenance. No brushes to replace or grease needed for gears.
* Easily replaceable tip for drive finger.
* Use with Multi-voltage transformer so that unit can work in all countries Click here to see the kind of adapter you will need(adaptor plug sold separately).
* Includes: Variable speed rotary motor clipper, 0A detachable blade, #1 detachable blade, 4 steel blade extenders (1/8"-1/2"), drive tips, drive tip tool, DVD, oil, cleaning brush, operating instructions, red blade guard.
* Dial adjusts speed, standard to "speed feed" (1800 rpm to 4600 rpm)
* Professional Barber Quality

UPC: 043917823331
MPC: 8233-300


Sterling Stinger Kit  $ 139.97   


* 220 Volt *

with ScentFree Paraffin


THERABATH Pro WARMER model TB7 * 220 to 240 Volt * with ScentFree Paraffin with 220 volt CORD Specify Cord in Commit box upon Check-Out
Or Call 870-972-5300 to order product.


The Therabath Pro Moisturizing Paraffin Bath is the original portable paraffin bath. Designed for medical use, the unit has been tested in clinics and hospitals since 1962, ensuring that the quality demanded by medical professionals are the same delivered to skin and nail care professionals. Now, Therabath Pro is a low-cost investment for salons that generate great profits! And clients LOVE the dramatic results. or use at home for a private treatment. ScentFree is recommended for facials and is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

* Deep Relief for Dry, Damaged Skin. Professional quality construction
* Rejuvenates dry skin with warming, soothing paraffin.
* The moisturizing effects penetrate deep for a long-lasting relief from aches due to stiffness.
* Each unit is individually factory tested to ensure quality.
* Includes: Warmer, Lid, 6-pounds of ScentFree paraffin, and instructions

* Made in the USA since 1962
* 5-Year Limited Warranty
* FDA Class II Medical device
* ISO 13485:2003 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards
* CE/cetL electrical safety rated - the only USA made paraffin bath approved for sale in Europe
* Rugged construction – built to last
**** Specify County destination for Proper Cord Selection:

** Note: Currently, item can be shipped only within the 48 States
* Item can Only be shipped on UPS Ground
** This Item can NOT be Shipped by Air


** Note:
****** 220 Volt item *** Not for North America
Please provide contact information such as Email address and Phone Number as we will contact you to verify that you want a 220 Volt Therabath unit.
** Final Sale ** No Returns or Exchange accepted on this unit.

UPC: 702173123028

Question call 870-972-5300


Regular price   $ 285.99


THERABATH TB7 Pro WARMER * 220 Volt * with ScentFree Paraffin   $ 255.99   



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