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    Therapro: Scalp Energizing Stimulator



 8.45 oz.
UPC: 054355503082
MPC: M50308
Numinox Scalp Energizing Stimulator
Hair follicle & scalp revitalizer
  • Triaminocoptinol™: supports the reduction of excessive hair loss and actively stimulates new hair growth
  • Nutracell™: increases the bloodflow in the scalp for a better uptake of nutrients
  • Estrolin™: purifies and detoxes the scalp of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

Apply to dry or moist scalp. place nozzle tip close to the scalp and apply directly onto areas of concern, one pump at a time. Gently massage for complete coverage. for best results, apply twice daily (morning and evening). Caution: recommend patch test for sensitive skin (hairline). You may experience blushing & warming sensation – a normal reaction. If hypersensitive, dilute solution with 50% water and retest.

Numinox Scalp Energizing Stimulator 8.45-oz.  $ 39.95 


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