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    Therapro: Bioclenz Antioxidant Shampoo


Hair loss & thinning hair shampoo with normal hair and scalp


  • Triaminocoptinol™: supports the reduction of excessive hair loss and actively stimulates new hair growth
  • Nutracell™: increases the bloodflow in the scalp for a better uptake of nutrients
  • Estrolin™: purifies and detoxes the scalp of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

Apply shampoo to wet hair, massage into hair and scalp, leave on for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse thoroughly.


Mediceuticals Bioclenz
  6 oz. 8.45 oz. 33.8 oz.
* Brand: Therapro
* UPC: 054355510066
* MPC: 51006
* Brand: Therapro
* UPC: 054355510080
* MPC: M51008
* Brand: Therapro
* UPC: 054355510332
* MPC: 51033
Bioclenz Antioxidant Shampoo 6-oz.  $ 13.98   
Bioclenz Antioxidant Shampoo 8.45-oz.  $ 16.15 
Bioclenz Antioxidant Shampoo 33.8-oz.  $ 37.80   


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