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    Salon Dryer Parts: Timer for Koken Venus #HM-1000


  Dryer Part: Timer for Koken Venus
Model # HM-1000

by Koken/Belmont

* Old Style Replacement Timer Only * 60 Minute

* Fits Koken/Belmont Venus and Gemini Shop Dryers with Model # HM-1000 and HM-1500 that is Made in USA with "HM" in the Model Number
* Fits Highland Select Dryers models HM-1000, HM-1500, HM-1070, HM-1200, HM-1550, HM-1570
* Fits: Collins Comfort Aire Dryers 2000B, 2000W, 2050B, 2100B & 2200B
* Fits Jeffco discontinued Shop Dryer Models # K7, # K26, & # J316T
* Fits Jeffco Shop Dryer Model J316 prior to 08-23-2012
* Fits Jeffco Shop Dryer Model J316x prior to 10-22-2012
* Fits: Kaemark #1570H Ion, #1990-G Kwik Set and #2000 Heat Wave Dryers
* Fits some Sally's Salon Mate dryer (look for the Model number on the back panel)
* Fits many more brand name Dryers
* Look for the Model # HM-1000 or HM-1500 on the manufactures plate on back of dryer towards the bottom
* Has 3 Post and 2 Wires on bottom
* Dimensions: 2-1/4" tall x 1-3/4" wide dia.

* Note: Does NOT fit Venus Dryer made in Costa Rica with "C" in the Model # and imported in beginning in 2004 by Takara/Belmont/Koken. You may Order that Timer by searching our web site for: Dryer Part: Timer for Koken Venus Model # C-608, item #60801105

Detailed View of Dryer and Parts
Replacement Assembly Instructions


Dryer Part: Timer for Koken Venus #HM-1000  $ 88.99    



* Fits All Dryer Models * with model numbers HM-1000 & HM-1500


* Timer Only
* Replaces black/silver Mallory timer
* Dimension: 2-1/8" w X 2-3/4" L X 1-3/4" T w/5-Post
* Fits: Koken/Belmont Venus and Gemini Shop Dryer Model
# HM-1000 & HM-1500
* Fits: Collins Dryer Models # 2000B, 2000W, 2050B and 2100B
* Fits: Jeffco Shop Dryer Models (before 10/22/12) # K7, # J316, # J316T & # J316x
* Fits: Kaemark KwikSet Dryer #1990-G, Kaemark KwikSet Ion Dryer #1570H & Kaemark KwikSet Heat Wave Dryer #2000
* Fits: Highland Dryers that is Made in USA with "HM" in the Model #
* Fits: Highland Liberty, Patriot Dryers model #'s HM-1500 & HM-1000
* First used on HM model dryers mfg after March 1st 2013
* REPLACEMENT Timer for old black/silver round Mallory timers
* Includes: REPLACEMENT Timer with Instruction and Knob



** DOES NOT Fit Venus Dryer that is Made in Costa Rica with "C" in the Model #

$ 49.99




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