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* Jeffco MODEL Model # & J316, J316t and J316x

* Heating Element Only
* Fits ONLY : Jeffco Tru Heat Salon Hair Dryer Model #J316
and Jeffco Ionic Tourmaline Salon Hair Dryer Model #J316t
and Jeffco XTRA HOT Salon Hair Dryer Model #J31x -Extra

* Dimension: 1-3/4" wide x 8-1/2" deep x 7" Tall with 2 electrical connecting post
* Fits Jeffco Dryer Model # J316 (True Heat), J316t (Ionic Tourmaline) and J316x (Extra Hot)
* Shape: Cressent Moon
* Flat Clip on each end to slide wire onto Heating Element

UPC: 979797202020
MPC: 20202Cache

DRYER PART * Jeffco salon dryer HEATING ELEMENT model J316, J316t, J316x    $ 39.97   

What are some signs that your dryer heating element needs to be replaced?

Signs that the heating element is broken on an dryer include little to no heat, the dryer is not heating evenly, and the dryer being too hot.

Another sign that replacement is needed is if the element shorts out and arcs in one spot.

If this occurs, disconnect the power to the dryer until the element has been replaced.

How and why dose the heating element in a Dryer break?

1. When elements get hot they expand. When they cool, they contract. ...

2. Similarly when they expand & contract the inner part of the element moves in its sheath until it contacts the outside creating a short.

A combination of 1&2 occurs: some of the fastening clips break/loosen which speeds things up


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