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    Razors: HESS EZY Shave Injector Razor #2020 & #1010

HESS 2020 Injector Razor

* Hess 2020 Injector Razor
* Blade Holding End is Metal with length of 5-1/2"
* White Plastic Handle Length 5-1/4"
* Razor uses both the full size hair shaper blades and the injector/mini blades

* NO Blades included * (See Blades Here)
* Includes 2 metal blade holders for the smaller blade, as did the EZY Shave Razor

UPC: 118320020209
MPC: 2020

Manufacturers Note:
The main differences between the original razor and the new one is that the original had a white handle and this has a cream color handle (we wanted to make sure people knew this was a different razor) and the handle is riveted together rather than being held together with pins. Over time the handle on the #1010 EZY Shave Razor would crack near one of the pins. We do not expect to have that problem with these razors.


HESS 2020 Injector Razor
Please note this injector razor has been DISCONTINUED as the manufacture in Japan has not been able to produce this razor. We believe they are out of business because we can not contact them for over 2 years. Please consider another injector razor that can be seen by clicking Here:



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