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    Razors: Fun Cut Shaper from Tondeo


Fun Cut

More fun working with a razor suitable for all techniques

  • Firmly secured, ideally ergonomically formed handle makes working fun
  • Functional and attractively designed; precision razor for modelling, thinning, shortening, and neck shaving
  • Innovative blade system for safe use and simple blade change
  • 10 COMFORT blades (50mm)
# 1102 Fun Cut  $ 50.00   


10 -Pack Comfort Cut Blades

* for TONDEO Fun Cut RAZOR *

* Comfort Cut Shaper Blades for FUN Cut TONDEO RAZOR
* Stainless Steel Razor Blades in Black plastic cartridge
* Blade Size: 50mm = 2" - long
* 10 pack Blades
* Made in Germany
** Fits: Tondeo Fun Cut Shaper Razor

* 10 Stainless Steel Blades in Black Plastic Cartridges with blade Edge on one side, All 10 blades in a white plastic dispensing cabinet

* UPC: 4029924010229
* MPC: 1111
* SAP # 1833659


10 -Pack Comfort Cut Blades * for TONDEO Fun Cut RAZOR $ 13.97


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