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Repair Kit
for Shampoo Bowl
Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

# 098268351132


Shampoo Bowl Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit
* Includes: Sealing Cap with Black O-Ring and White Plastic Valve with
Red Rubber Washer
* Fits: Marble Products, Jeffco, Collins, Koken, Takara, Belmont, Veeco, Kaemark, Keen, Savvy, SalonTuff, Wilkins, Zurn and many more brands atmospheric vacuum breakers
* Fits SOME Belvedere bowls (compare picture)
* Replaces working components of the sold brass vacuum breaker (why change the whole unit when only the working components can be changed with less money and less effort!)

* Name Tag on the top of Vacuum Breaker may have many different names (like: MPC No.1729) but the rating, like: 125 PSI and plumbing codes, like: ASSE 1001 (for the US) / CSA B64.1.1 (for Canada), Also stamped UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) * The SIZE (1/4) denotes the size of the inlet and outlet tube size (1/4" dia.)

UPC: 098268351132 811206760526 982683511328
MPC: 1729-RK
ASIN: B000270BGE

To replace:
Remove cap by take the two screws off top, remove Sealing Cap by unscrewing it counter clockwise, with a pair of neddle nose pliers remove (white) blackflow stopper. Reverse above to install new items. All can be done above shampoo bowl.

Note: This Style of Vacuum Breaker will leak water thru the top when the sealing cap gets old or the O-Ring is wore out. It will leak water thru the spray hose when the Hot & Cold Mixing Valve Fixture has a cartridge or gland assemby that is wore out or the Backflow Preventer (white part inside vaccum breaker) is wore out. This vacuum breaker will leak water out the top, if the Inlet and Outlet hoses are reversed (most common problem on new installation).

This is by far the MOST COMMON VACUUM BREAKER USED on Shampoo Bowls in the U.S.A.

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Repair Kit for Vacuum Breaker  $ 24.50  


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