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Flex Drain Hose
* Fits: Collins CB21, Jeffco 8700 & Others *
Flex Drain Hose for Tilting SHAMPOO BOWLS
* 1-1/2" Dia. FLEX DRAIN HOSE Only
* Color: Grey
* Material: Rubbery Plastic Hose with Plastic Fittings on each end.
* Has a smooth interior for efficient flow, great flex for long life, and durability for hot & cold applications
* Stretches to 18" long
* Has 1-1/2" (Standard Plumbing) Plastic Female Fittings on each end
* Includes: 2 Drain Tube Washers & 2 Plastic Drain Tube Slip Nuts
* Fits Tilting Bows: Collins CB21 ABS Plastic Bowl, Collins P-0546 Porcelain Bowl, Jeffco 8700 Porcelain bowl, Kaemark #903 Porcelain Bowl, Savvy Porcelain Tilt Bowl, Belvedere Pivoting Porcelain enamel cast iron Bowl #8600, Pibbs Tilting Porcelain Sink and Many Other Brands of Tilting Shampoo Bowls.
How will I know if this will fit my shampoo bowl ?
1) If your Strainer Assembly has 1-1/2" male threads on the bottom of the strainer assembly.
2) the Maximum Length you need is 18"
This part is only returnable if NOT INSTALLED !
(under Cache's normal Return Policy applies)

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Flex Drain Hose for Tilting SHAMPOO BOWLS $ 43.20

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