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    Parts: Brass Adaptor for Shampoo Bowl Sprayer Hose


* 1/2"Female to 1/4"Male thread *
for Shampoo Hose or Vacuum Breaker
to connect to Shampoo Bowl Fixture with 1/2" male outlet

Size:  1/2" Female thread to 1/4" Male thread
* All Brass coupler/adaptor
* Brass Adaptor used ONLY to connect any 1/2" Male Thread outlet on a fixture to any 1/4" Female Spray Hose End such as a Heavy Duty Metal Flexible Shampoo Hose (item # 61205200020228)  or a Connecting Hose for a Vacuum Breaker to Fixture.
* This is a special part that is use to connect the 1/4' Female spray hose connection to the 1/2" Male fitting of the shampoo bowl's fixture (mixing valve)
* or  to connect the Connecting (cross over) Hose for a Vacuum Breaker to shampoo bowl Fixture (mixing valve) that has 1/2" male outlet.

** Use with Heavy Duty Metal Flexible Shampoo Bowl Spray Hose # 61205200020228 or Any Standard Shampoo Hose with a 1/4" Female coupling. (purchased separate)

Definition Note:
* Male Threads are on the outside of the pipe
* Female Threads are inside the pipe or fitting


BRASS ADAPTOR * 1/2"Female to 1/4"Male thread $ 7.97


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