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FIXTURE Thermostatic Temperature Valve

Protects against Scalding and Thermal Shock

* For ALL Shampoo Bowls

** The valve balances water temperature to prevent fluctuations.
* Fits Belvedere, Marble Products, Jeffco, Collins, Pibbs and other Shampoo Bowls
* Factory Set at 105 Degrees (Can be Adjusted)
* Listing ASSE 1070 Approved and CSA B125 Approved (Plumbing Code #'s)
* Cast Brass Body
* Connect Hot and Cold supply lines and Valve to Fixture with 3/8" Compression Connections
* Design for Single Point Application ( Each Shampoo Bowl )
* Protects against Scalding and Thermal Shock

Stop Scalding your hands and your customers scalp when the operator shampooing next to you turns her water off !

Fixture Thermostatic Temp Valve  $ 125.40   


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