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    Parts: Belvedere Shampoo Bowl Mounting Bracket



Shampoo Bowl Mounting Bracket

Fits: Marble Bowls

* Triangle Shape Metal Mounting Bracket Fits: Marble Products Man made Marble Bowls
* Has two taps turned out on top with holes to bolt into bottom of Shampoo Bowl
* Package contains: Metal Bracket and 1-Camber Bolt (leveling bolt)
* Usually mounted to wall with 4 wood screws ( not included )
* Fits: Marble Products Model # 100, 200, 2000, 3000W and 4000 Marble Shampoo Bowls
* Also Fits: the Marble Products PEDESTAL Bowls Model # 300 and # 2001
* Measurement between mounting bolts: 11-1/4" from center of bolt hole to center of bolt hole

** Look for the Model # on the Bottom of Bowl

* May Also Need Bowl Mounting Bolts item #926410000204 as seen below

UPC: 926410024002

MPC: 2400M

ASIN: B002R036K2


Marble Shampoo Bowl Mounting Bracket   $ 39.99  


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