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    One Minute Manicure: Instant Scrub * Fresh Pomegranate 4 oz. Tube


4-oz. Tube

One Minute Instant Scrub * Fresh Pomegranate

4-oz. Tube

Description: Exfoliates, reconditions and moisturizes the skin with a premium blend of essential oils. Our new suspended formula for hands, body and feet now comes in a convenient squeeze tube and has a new antibacterial ingredient for long-lasting softness and protection.

Contents: Dead Sea Salts promote regeneration of healthy skin by gently exfoliating away roughness.
Grapeseed a natural antioxidant, helps protect skin from harsh environments.
Grapefruit a natural astringent, cleanses, refreshes and soothes skin.
Peppermint a natural antiseptic and antifungal, cools the skin and uplifts the senses.
Spearmint soothes skin and acts as a mild antiseptic.
Avocado softens skin by increasing its elasticity and relieving dryness.
Jojoba nourishes skin, leaving it smooth and supple.
Apricot is smooth, lightweight and rich in minerals.
Orange is a natural source of vitamin C and a natural disinfectant.
Rosemary is a natural, non-greasy cleanser.
Lemon is naturally healing and relaxing, with an uplifting aromatherapy effect.
Vitamin E promotes healing and helps relieve redness.
Walnut helps support the skin's natural breathing function.

Results: The new suspended formula has immediate, long-lasting, softening benefits for skin, nails and cuticles. Triclosan antibacterial agent is gentle and FDA-approved for safety and eliminating germs.
Application: Just rub, rinse and pat dry with new One Minute™ Instant Scrub. Same great results, no mixing needed!
Fresh and fruity pomegranate fragrance.
Instant Scrub * Fresh Pomegranate * 4 oz Tube  $ 14.95    


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