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    Parts:  Repair Kit for Vacuum Breaker


Repair Kit
for Shampoo Bowl
Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

Shampoo Bowl Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit
* Includes: Black O-Ring and White Plastic Valve with Red Rubber Washer
* Fits: Marble Products, Jeffco, Collins, koken, Belmont, Veeco, Kaemark, Keen, Savvy, SalonTuff, Wilkins, Zurn and many more brands atmospheric vacuum breakers

* Fits SOME Belvedere bowls (compare picture)
* Replaces working components of the sold brass vacuum breaker

To replace:
Remove cap by take the two screws off top, remove interior cap by unscrewing it counter clockwise, with a pair of neddle nose plaires remove (white) blackflow stopper. Reverse above to install new items.

UPC: 098268351132 811206760526 982683511328

MPC: 1729-RK

ASIN: B000270BGE


Repair Kit for Vacuum Breaker  $ 20.00  


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