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    Parts: Jeffco Tilt Mechanism for tilting Shampoo Bowl


for Tilting Shampoo Bowl

Fully Assembled Tilt Mechanism for shampoo bowl
* All Black Metal with Rubber Protective Boot
* Overall Measures: 8-1/4" Diameter x 5-3/4" tall from end of bolt to end of bolt
* Top of unit has 4 - 3/4" diameter x 3/4" tall Rubber Fasteners to join to shampoo bowl
* 3-1/2" Diameter hole in center of metal top and metal bottom to accommodate the shampoo bowl drain assembly
* Bottom has 6 - 1/4" bolts protruding out of the unit, 2 are used to fasten the tilt mechanism to the cabinet, 2 are for adjustment of front and Back Tilt Limit To Set Tilt Range and 2 (with springs) are used to adjust the Tilt Tension so the Bowl moves easy but not to easy
* Fits: Collins brand CB-21ABS Plastic Tilting, CB82 Porcelain & CB87 Porcelain Shampoo Bowls
* Fits: Jeffco brand 8200 & 8700 Porcelain Shampoo Bowls,
* Fits: AYC brand TD2806, TD2822, TD2896-77 & TD2811 Series
* Fits: Kaemark brand KS903-W, KS933-W, KS903-B, KS933-B, KS903 & KS933 Shampoo Bowls
* Fits: Veeco AR-PBW, AR-18162, AR-D002-07, SC-37, SC-37-SS, SC-27, SC-27-SS
* Also Fits many many more shampoo bowls !!!


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$ 87.99



* for Tilting Shampoo Bowl *

Part Fits Tilt Mechanism for shampoo bowl:
* 1 - Pair Axle Bolt Seats
* All White Plastic
* Measures: 3/4" wide x 1-5/8" tall x 2-3/8" Long
* Has 3/4" diameter Hole on one end (7/8" from end to center of hole) to accommodate the swivel post
* has a 1/4" diameter bolt hole thru the height with a Hex Head design to accommodate the 1/4" Hex head Bolt (not included)
* 1 Pair (2 - pieces)


* Fits: Collins, Jeffco, AYC and Kaemark brand Shampoo Bowls and many many more shampoo bowls !!!
Will this fit your shampoo bowl ?
If your tilting shampoo bowl mechanism has the above size all white plastic seats measuring the same then this will fit your shampoo bowl mechanism.
Why would you need this Part?
If the part/s have broken or if the parts have weaken over time and will not hold tension on the swivel post.
Sorry this item is not available at this time.
The importers of this item feel the item is too small of item to bring in.
Hopefully we can change their mind so please call 800-643-0333 for availability.
ask for stock availability for item # 61205220428066


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