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    Parts: Jeffco/Veeco Handle with Cap and Screw


Jeffco/Veeco Handle w/cap
and Screw


* Handle with Cap (button) and screw Only
* Fits: Jeffco and Veeco Single Handle Fixtures that you push back to turn on and pull forward to turn off
* Color: Crystal Clear
* Shape: Round 8 Pointed Diamond Shape Sides with Flat on top & Flat on Bottom
* Fastens on to fixture with Screw (included) under Cap (button)
* When looking into the bottom of handle where the handle fastens onto the fixture it is "DIAMOND SHAPE"
* Fits Jeffco Fixture and Veeco Fixture used on shampoo bowls
* Fits "DIAMOND SHAPE" stem
* Dimension: 2-5/8" across from point to point x 2" Tall
** Handle ONLY ! **

Jeffco/Veeco Handle with Cap and Screw   $ 19.99  


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