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    Oster Blades & Accessories: Blade Size 3.75 (#918-80)


*    Oster Size: 3.75


  * Accessory Blade For: Classic 76, Titan, Power-Teq, Star-Teq, PowerLine, Solaris & Apex Clippers
  * Size: 3.75
  * Leaves hair: 1/2", 13mm
  * Longest Blade available
  * Exclusive Salon System (ESS)
  * Oster item number: 76918-806

NOTE: The Black blades are the same as the Silver blades.

Oster just produces them in Black to make them exclusive to some dealers but other than that they are the very same.


Blade Size: 3.75  $ 36.99  


See Same Blade in Silver Here



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