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    Cricket: Silkcomb #25


Silkcomb Pro# 25 Multi Purpose

Silicone Injected Silkombs™ employ state of the art technology and quality molding techniques to produce finely polished, seamless teeth. With the revolutionary addition of the silicone, they deliver amazing smoothness, allowing Silkombs™ to glide effortlessly through the hair.

Antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes odors and stains in plastic.  Under normal cleaning and use conditions the antimicrobial product protection in Silkomb combs is designed to last the life of the product.

Silkomb Pro-25 Comb

Straight Back with same Spaced and Height of Teeth entire length of comb.
* Over all Length: 7-3/8"
* Overall Height: 1-3/16"
* Same Teeth Height entire length of comb
* Sectioning pick (Tooth Missing on one end)
* 59 Coarse Teeth
* Made in Japan

This Comb:
Consistent tooth pattern provides even distribution and wider sectioning ability while cutting or applying semi-permanent hair color. Slightly longer teeth allow for maximum penetration - great for detangling curly hair. Sectioning pick speeds up working time.

UPC: 672555150037
MPC: 5515003

$ 7.97 regular price

$5.49 each/$5.19 in lots of 3/$4.79 in lots of 6 or more



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