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Spa Student Kit
* Portable Rechargeable Roll-On Waxer *

Includes everything a student needs to learn and demonstrate the proper roll on waxing technique

* Also called speed waxing, roll on system is a mess free and quick method of waxing
* Makes the hair removal process Clean + Easy
* Clean + Easy's most popular roll on wax (original) and essential pre and post treatment products.
* Cordless Roll-On Large Wax Holder with 120 volt Warming Base * Wax anywhere only return to Base for reheating.
* 3 Large Wax (original formula) Refill will average 6 complete sets of Legs
* 3 - Roll on Heads
* Wax Remover Strips
* 2 oz. Cleanse before wax cleaner
* 2 oz. Remove after wax remover
* 2 oz. Soothe helps reduce irritation
* 2 oz. Restore dermal therapy lotion
* Ideal for Legs ! Great for Body Waxing roll on wax, rub strip on, pull off
* 120v

* for Professional use !

UPC: 672153401340
MPC: 40134

CLEAN & EASY Spa Student Kit $ 69.95


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