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    Clean + Easy: Wax Refill * Aromatherapy * 3-Pack Small


Aromatherapy Wax Refill * 3-pack

Size: Small

* 3-Small Aromatherapy Wax Refills
* One of Each: Mandarin, Lemongrass & Cherry Blossom
Mandarin for an Energizing, Citrus Aroma;
Lemongrass to increase your sense of vitality;
Cherry Blossom to soothe the senses with aroma of Spring and the fragrance of budding blossoms
* Recommended for facial hair
* Use with Clean & Easy Warmers
* Fits: Spa Full Service Unit, Petite Spa Starter Kit, Facial Waxer, Personal Roll-On Waxer
* Also Fits Discontinued Units: Full Service Station and the Face Station
* Other items need Roller Heads Item #672153416375
& Wax Remover Strips Item #672153426008

3-Pack Wax Refill - Aromatherapy - Small Size         * No Longer Available


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